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Principal's Book of the Month

Our book of the month for February, Vote for Isaiah by Anastasua Suen, focuses on the character trait of good citizenship. It tells the story of Isaiah, a third grade boy, who decides to run for student council. As he sets he talks with his friend about why he wants to be elected, readers are given a view of the reasons people run for elections and the character traits that are important for a good leader.

Vote for Isaiah illustrates the character trait of good citizenship as it shows how Isaiah demonstrates the 3 R’s of citizenship: respect, resourcefulness, and responsibility. This story teaches our students that good citizenship involves helping in our community both as a private citizen and as an elected official.

As they recall Isaiah’s efforts, they might even be encouraged to seek public office later in life.

We hope you will use the plot of this story as a springboard to discussing good citizenship with your child. Have your child tell you about the 3 R’s of good citizenship and the ways Isaiah demonstrated good citizenship.

Remember that children learn by observing. The most effective way to help your child grasp the concept of good citizenship is by demonstrating it. Your child will learn a great deal about citizenship just by observing your actions

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