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Principal's Book of the Month

Our book of the month for March focuses on courage.  Rap A Tap Tap tells the story of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson  who was known as the greatest tap dancer of all time. His fame has reached mythic proportions because he had the charisma and talent to allow him to succeed during a time of  racial segregation. It was said that he “talked with his feet.” His rhythms were so intricate; it was impossible for other dancers to repeat some of them.

Rap A Tap Tap tells the story of Bojangles’s courage; dancing in the face of racial prejudice. Robinson was calm, cool and collected when he tap-danced. When he danced, his upper body did very little while his feet tapped away, and his face showed the pure joy of doing what he loved best.

Courage is a trait we want all students to develop. We want students to confront the challenges of learning with courage. When faced with difficulties; we want students to have the courage to continue toward success. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is taking action in the face of fear. It takes courage to fight the struggles in everyday life.  Courage is a valuable character trait that will serve as the foundation for your student’s future.