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Principal's Book of the Month

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time for thinking about joy and love.  It’s a time for focusing on positive attributes of our family, friends, and neighbors.  Our book of the month for December is A Sick Day for Amos McGhee by Philip Stead.  We’re using this book to focus on the character trait of caring.  

Zookeeper Amos McGee always makes time to visit his good friends at work: he plays chess with the elephant, runs races with the tortoise (who always wins), sits quietly with the penguin, lends a handkerchief to the rhinoceros (who has a runny nose), and reads stories to the owl (who is afraid of the dark).  Then, after Amos gets a cold, his friends miss him, and they leave the zoo and ride the bus to his place to care for him and cheer him up.  Seeing the final picture in the book showing the wild creatures snuggled up with Amos in his cozy home, should remind our students that good friends care for each other.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee illustrates the character trait of caring by showing the effect kindness may have on another’s life.  During this holiday season please help your family find ways to demonstrate caring and concern for others.