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Principal's Book of the Month

Our book of the month for May, The Curious Garden by Peter Brown, focuses on the character trait of hope. Liam lives in a drab, brown, smoke-filled city. One day he discovers a stairway leading up to an elevated train track. There he finds a struggling garden and he decides to care for it. Through trial and error and reading books, Liam discovers his green thumb and learns how to become a gardener. Curious Garden illustrates the character trait of hope as it develops the understanding that a greener world is possible -- one garden at a time. It sends an inspiring message that even though something might seem "useless", if it's tended to and cared for, it can bring new life to an entire community.

You could use the plot of this story as a springboard to discussing, with your child, how a hopeful attitude is essential to achieving success. Brainstorm with them ways in which they can maintain a positive attitude even when they are facing difficult situations. A hopeful attitude encourages children in their willingness to work hard and do their best. Hope is essential as they pursuing their goals and following their dreams. Hope also allows them to help and encourage others who might be down.

Hope is believing your dreams will come true,

It’s knowing you'll be successful in all that you do.

You will need to work hard and have patience too,

But when you have hope each day is brand new.

Remember that children learn by observing. Your child will learn a great deal about hopefulness just by observing your attitudes and actions.